Cross-posted from Imagine 2050, blog of the Center for New Community. Saturday, February 26, I attended a public hearing in Worcester, MA, on the “Secure Communities Act” of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE). Community groups and individuals from Worcester and surrounding areas sent a clear message to the governor: “No” to Secure Communities and enforcement-only immigration policy, and “Yes” to a comprehensive approach on immigration. The hearing was the first in a series of community meetings across Massachusetts to bring public input to…Continue Reading “what is “secure communities” really about?”

I wrote this post for the youth climate blog It’s Getting Hot in Here. I hope to get back to posting in the next few weeks but school is busier than ever. A line of men in sweatshirts and jeans, baseball caps pulled down, snakes through desert brush in the hidden camera footage. The voice-over in this Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) film describes the actions of the “illegal aliens,” “They walk, but some get tired. A few sit and snack. Likely the snack packages…Continue Reading “Standing against the Greening of Hate”