And another! Director Greg Rainoff had a successful twenty year career as a Hollywood visual effects artist before deciding, “I needed to do something good with myself.” That “something” arrived when he found himself inspired to make a film after reading about the US border wall project. Dismayed that environmental impacts weren’t being discussed, he decided he had to act. “I started a film about birds and it became about human rights.” El Muro, Rainoff’s film, tells the story of the 3.5 miles of border wall…Continue Reading “El Muro: Independent Film Exposes Environmental Impact of Border Wall”

got water?

Cross-posted from Imagine 2050, the blog of the Center for New Community. The anti-immigrant movement, under groups like, The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), blames immigrants and population levels in the American Southwest for lack of water and potential water shortages.  We know droughts are becoming more frequent and are lasting longer.  There are real causes for water shortages in the Southwest and equitable access to water is highly important.  The anti-immigrant movement, however, has only one cause and one solution: blame immigrants. In The…Continue Reading “got water?”