Martha is available for consulting services for journalists and educators. Her areas of expertise are environmental justice, urbanism and migration.

Martha worked with graduate students from the Art Center College of Design as a local research associate during their field study in Mexico City from 2017-2019. She consulted with participants of the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Mexico City in 2017. She has also been a research associate for a University of Arizona dissertation on Mexican food policy.

Martha has presented her academic research at conferences including the American Association of Geographers (2014 and 2015), the first international conference on Comunalidad in Oaxaca, Mexico (2015) and the Congreso Mexicano de Antropología Social y Etnología (2015).

Selected academic publications:

Conflictividad en la implementación temprana de REDD+ en México. Sociedad y Ambiente. April 2020. Co-author.

Old Maps, New Terrain: Rethinking population in an era of climate change. Contributor. Report from the Population and Development Program. 2016.

REDD+: Entre la conservación basada en el mercado y los derechos de los pueblos y comunidades indígenas y campesinas. Conference presentation with Dr. Horacio Almanza Alcalde. 2015.

Mother Earth is not for sale- love and defend her: Forest Carbon in Chiapas, Mexico. Undergraduate thesis at Hampshire College. 2013.

Is This the Future We Want? The Green Economy vs. Climate Justice, DifferenTakes No. 79. Population and Development Program. 2013.