REDD+ Thesis Now Online

My Division 3 entitled “Mother Earth is not for sale- love and defend her: Forest Carbon in Chiapas, Mexico” can now be accessed online. Follow this link. Abstract: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) is an international program to price the carbon stored in global forests in order to incentivize conservation. Efforts to introduce REDD+ in countries of the global South have encountered resistance, however, from communities worried that their livelihoods, rights and environmental values would be undermined by the introduction of international…Continue Reading “REDD+ Thesis Now Online”

The PopDev program, where I am a Political Research Fellow, recently published my DifferenTakes issue paper, “Is This the Future We Want? The Green Economy vs. Climate Justice.”  This blog post announced the publication on the Black Sheep Journal. Negotiators, big NGOs, and companies In U.N. environmental summits are promoting the “Green Economy” as a win-win-win for people, the environment and business interests.  Yet global South social movements denounce the Green Economy for serving the interests of transnational corporations and wealthy nations, and for stomping on…Continue Reading “New Colors of Capitalism: REDD+ and the Green Economy”

By Martha Pskowski (originally published on the Hampshire Political Writing Intern blog) Narratives of scarcity and impending crisis, be it climate change, food insecurity or political conflict, are fueling corporations and nation states to “grab” land around the world to secure their economic interests.  Land grabbing isn’t new, it was the basis of colonialism, but it appears to be spiking in recent years and changing in form.  Among these changes are blurring lines between corporations and the state, the role of finance capital and speculation,…Continue Reading “Land grabs and Green Grabs: New Forms of Capitalist Accumulation”