In Oaxaca, Caravan of Central American Mothers Calls for Unity of Movements

The Americas Program

December 3, 2014

The central plaza of Oaxaca is plastered with posters and banners denouncing one atrocity after another, the layers of social movements overlapping on every wall available. Ayotzinapa, the struggle of the Section 22 teachers union, the recent murder of a teenage girl. In this cacophony of protest, on Nov. 30, the Caravan of Central American Mothers Searching for their Disappeared Children arrived in the plaza and called for unity among the movements of Mesoamerica. Representatives of the teachers’ union, family members of disappeared Oaxacans and womens rights organizations accompanied the mothers, showing the growing convergence of movements.

Marta Sanchez, coordinator of the Mesoamerican Migrant Movement (MMM), said in her opening remarks, “All of our struggles should be one unified struggle, because all of these problems have the same root. Out with the bad government!”

The full article available here.



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