Resisting the Tar Sands: Bridging Communities and Struggles

This semester at Hampshire College I’m blogging with the Population and Development Program, which works at the intersection of environmental justice and reproductive justice to counter ideas about overpopulation.  This post builds off my September 1st post on the Tar Sands action in Washington, DC to explore the resistance which indigenous communities have mounted against pipelines for many years, and paths forward from the Keystone XL decision.

Here’s a peak at the post, and a powerful video, then head over to the PopDev blog to read the rest!

Indigenous organizing already in motion points to possible strategies of resistance if the Keystone XL pipeline is approved.  While the Tar Sands Action campaign in Washington, DC gears up for a final symbolic action on November 6th, when protesters will encircle the White House peacefully, First Nations communities in Canada are actively resisting other pipelines already under construction that haven’t received the same international attention.


Read the rest of the post here.


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