A Hot Griddle in a Small Town

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you are here, the journal of creative geography based at the University of Arizona, has published my prose piece “A Hot Griddle in a Small Town.”

The piece starts with the pupusa, a classic Salvadoran dish, and how I learned to make it in Ixtepec, Oaxaca. I continue on to reminisce on my time in El Salvador and at home in Washington, DC and the people who bring those disparate places together.

Loroco: Scientific name, Fernaldia pandurate. A plant native to El Salvador. Its small white flower is a principal ingredient in the pupusa, a corn-dough tortilla pocket. The pupusa can be filled with beans, cheese and loroco, amongst other options, and is typical to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Read the piece here and take a look at the rest of the issue, themed “Translations.”


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