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Migrant Journal: Issue 1 “Across Country”

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I have a narrative essay in the first edition of Migrant Journal, a collaborative publication put together by a (mostly) European team. I am excited to be alongside writers and researchers discussing migrant experiences around the globe.

My essay is about the rural spaces Central American migrants move through to reach the United States, weaving together stories from my time in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and all the way to ex-urban Virginia.

Migrant is a print-only journal, so you’ll have to order a copy to get a peek.

Here is the Journal’s website.┬áThe direct link to order the Journal is here.


1 thought on “Migrant Journal: Issue 1 “Across Country”

  1. This journal is riveting. Martha’s essay is the first, and sets a profound tone for an impactful subject. Bravo Martha, and bravo to the editors & all contributors. Important reading, timely too on Election Eve in US.

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