Culinary Backstreets: El Trapiche- Home Away from Honduras

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At 2 p.m., the lunch rush begins at El Trapiche, a restaurant along Mexico City’s chaotic Avenida Revolución. Two women arrive from a nearby office and ask for the set lunch menu, comida corrida, that El Trapiche serves for 60 pesos (or around $3.30).

“Today we have baleadas,” says Lilian Mendoza Rivera, El Trapiche’s owner and manager.

“Is that like a sope?” one of the women asks, referring to a corn-based Mexican dish, also topped with beans.

“No, they’re better,” says Lilian, “Try it.”

I wrote about El Trapiche, Mexico City’s only Honduran restaurant, and how its founder Lilian Mendoza has created a home away from home for Central Americans in Mexico.

The full article is on Culinary Backstreets, where you will also find stellar recommendations for Mexico City eats.


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