Americas Program: Somber Mexico City March Commemorates Ayotzinapa Anniversary

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Tuesday marked three years since the search began for the 43 students disappeared in Iguala, Guerrero. It also marked one week since dozens of families began searching for their loved ones trapped in collapsed buildings after the September 19th earthquake.

In a silent march from the Angel of Independence to the “Anti-Monument” to the disappeaared students at the intersection of Reforma and Bucareli, the Ayotzinapa families and hundreds of supporters sent a message of solidarity to earthquake victims and a clear signal that they have not forgotten the disappeared students from the rural teaching college in Ayotzinapa, last seen in custody of local police.

Maria Elena Guerrero, mother of disappeared student Giovani Galindo, spoke to the crowd at the Anti-Monument.

“We join them in their pain,” she said, referring to the families of the earthquake victims. “We need to unite so that we can remove the rubble of injustice.”

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1 thought on “Americas Program: Somber Mexico City March Commemorates Ayotzinapa Anniversary

  1. 1week, 3 years ago – how endless for the families. Thank you for this reminder of very recent history and ongoing questions.

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