Los Angeles Review of Books: On the Front Lines of Climate Change

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I reviewed Todd Miller’s new book Storming the Wall for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

“In 2015, as European nations repelled African and Middle Eastern migrants arriving on their shores, the United States was engaged in its own naval operations to ward off mass migration from the Caribbean. With current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly then at the helm of US Southern Command, more than 500 members of the joint military and homeland security task force ran a simulation designed to “prevent future mass migration.” In what the military described as “a migrant interdiction operation exercise,” the agents disguised themselves as immigrants attempting to enter the United States on rickety boats. As Todd Miller shows in his new book Storming the Wall, many nations are investing in border militarization to prepare for future population displacement caused by climate change, and the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa are two of the most vulnerable sites for such transformations. The front lines of climate change overlap with the places where nations are fortifying their external borders and strengthening their internal security. Reporting from the Philippines, Southern Mexico, Honduras, Paris, and the US-Mexico borderlands, Miller weaves together the stories of displaced people and the militarization and securitization they encounter at national borders and within their own countries.”

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1 thought on “Los Angeles Review of Books: On the Front Lines of Climate Change

  1. This is a fascinating review, and consideration of complex topics. Want to read this & Betsy Hartman’s book after reading this.

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